My Top 8 Daily Essentials


I have made a list of my top eight daily essentials, as I have learned so much about myself over the past few months. The following daily essentials bring happiness to my life:

Daily Essentials for Well-Being

1. Sleep

Sleeping eight hours a night is something that has radically changed my life. I was sleep deprived for most of my life without even knowing it. Once I started to forcefully sleep eight hours a night, I noticed how much better I was feeling and how much more productive and friendly I became.

2. Water

About 6 years ago, I hated drinking water, but I knew this was an important 'issue' I had to overcome. To get myself used to the idea, I started adding freshly squeezed lemon juice or natural flavouring (such as the True Citrus True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade, 10 Count) to my water bottles, and overtime I was able to transition to drinking regular tap water. Now, my body craves natural water almost every hour — to the point that I need at least 3 to 4 litres a day to feel great.

Daily Essentials for Nutrition

3. Matcha Tea

This is a relatively new one for me. I swapped drinking coffee for matcha tea when I was preparing for the Miss Universe Canada competition last year and I don’t regret it. Drinking matcha tea is definitely an acquired taste, (the first time I tried it I thought it tasted like pure grass), but the health benefits it offers makes it totally worth it. Matcha tea provides the same energy boost that coffee has but minus the jitters. I love drinking DoMatcha Organic Ceremonial Matcha, 30gm and highly recommend it.

4. Protein

We should all focus on eating a well-balanced meal, but the reason protein has been included on this list is because I need to make a conscious effort to meet my daily protein intake due to my vegetarian diet (read here why I’m a vegetarian). It’s easy enough for me to consume carbohydrates and healthy fats in my diet, but protein is always the macro I need to be the most mindful of.

Daily Essentials for Comfort

5. My Cat

I just love snuggling my cat Carlisle. Every day, I tell him that “he’s the most beautiful cat in the entire world” (I might be a bit biased, but I genuinely believe this). Petting or snuggling him makes me happy and gives me a deep sense of comfort throughout the day. I won’t continue to add to this because you might start thinking that I'm a legit crazy cat lady.

6. Cellphone (with data)

I list this because through this device I am able to stay in touch with my loved ones that live far away, like my friends and family that live in Panama, as well as all my dear friends that are all over  the world.

Daily Essentials for Happiness

7. The Sun

Who doesn’t love some vitamin D? If it were up to me, I would want it to be sunny every single day. The sun’s brightness and warmth always cheers me up.

8. Dancing

My latina side can’t help listening to a beat of a song, and instantly want to start dancing to it. The artful sounds that music produces always gives me a great sense of excitement in my heart and soul. I'm always up for a night out dancing with friends!I hope you found my eight daily essentials list useful.

I would be happy to hear if you also feel similarly about any of these points or if there's something you'd like to start applying in your life. Let me know in the comments below or on social media.

Until next week,